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Oshkosh Airventure 2014

XA42 at Oshkosh Airventure!

Visit our XA42 and our team at the IAC (Main Aircraft Display) in Oshkosh!

Where you'll find us --> http://www.eaa.org/en/eaa
British Nationals 2014
Since the last weekend The British National Advanced & Unlimited Championships 2014
(12th - 15th June 2013) at the Sywell Aerodrome are over now.

Congratulations for Gerald Cooper (1st), Artur Kielak (2nd) and Ed Cyster (3rd) for these remarkable placements with their XA41s!
“I don’t know how it looks like but it’s fast!"

Over Switzerland the ATC asked me what kind of airplane it is, after responding them it was an XA42 the ATC told me “I don’t know how it looks like but it’s fast!”. At this moment I was averaging 220kts because of a bit of tailwind...

Klick on the picture or the 'details' button to follow the link and read more about the experience a young pilot made during his first competition with an XA42.


Flying Bulls Aerobatic Duo

The Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team presenting new Airshow Display with four XtremeAir XA42 aircraft

XtremeAir is proud to announce that the famous Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team decided to extend their fleet by four XA42 aerobatic aircraft for their breathtaking flight displays.
After using the proven Zlin 50 LX aircraft for a long time, a new generation is now commanded by the Flying bulls airshow pilots. Their resonance after receiving the first two aircraft was overwhelming.
Additionally to the existing quadripartite formation, the team is now proudly presenting the Flying Bulls Aerobatic Duo performing with two XA42 in 2014 airshow season.
XtremeAir is well known for manufacturing the most modern certified full carbon fiber aerobatic aircraft with highest safety standards, which is provided by the monocoque cockpit.
The utmost agility of this unlimited class aerobatic aircraft, allows the Flying Bulls all imaginable maneuvers they need for their performances.

Follow The Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team on www.flyingbulls.cz

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