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US Nationals 2014

XA42 at US National Aerobatic Championships 2014!

We are proud to announce that an XA42 participates at the US National Aerobatic Championships 2014 from 20th - 27th September at North Texas Regional Airport.

Results: https://nationals.iac.org/files/results/index.htm

We wish every pilot a good competition!
NBAA2014, Orlando

XA42 at the NBAA2014!

Visit our XA42 and our team within the NBAA2014, October 21-23, at the Indoor Static Display in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando!


Where you'll find us --> http://www.nbaa.org

Oshkosh Airventure 2014

XA42 at Oshkosh Airventure!

Visit our XA42 and our team at the IAC (Main Aircraft Display) in Oshkosh!

Where you'll find us --> http://www.eaa.org/en/eaa
British Nationals 2014
Since the last weekend The British National Advanced & Unlimited Championships 2014
(12th - 15th June 2013) at the Sywell Aerodrome are over now.

Congratulations for Gerald Cooper (1st), Artur Kielak (2nd) and Ed Cyster (3rd) for these remarkable placements with their XA41s!
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