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XA41 and XA42 are CAAC type certified!

Dear Aerobatic Aviation enthusiasts:

XtremeAir is proud to announce the receipt of the Validation of our XA41 and XA42 aircraft by the Chinese Authority CAAC.

We thank very much all our involved colleagues for their dedicated efforts and now look forward to enter this huge growing market!

United States
Thanks to our participations at Sun'n Fun, OSH and NBAA this year we are glad to announce
two more representatives for XtremeAir in the United States!

We look forward to an Xtreme 2015 season!
Bastien LRx XA42
"In fact, the XtremeAir, despite being an unlimited airplane, it is also a very good airplane
for the lower classes ..."
Debby with XA42 at US Nationals2014

Debby Rihn-Harvey achieves remarkable placement at US Nationals 2014!

We congratulate Debby Rihn-Harvey for her remarkable placement at the US Aerobatic Nationals 2014 in Texas!

Debby as multiple US aerobatic champion has a lot of experience but every season depends on the training status of each aerobatic pilot.

Therefore it is more than remarkable that she has flown the double seat XA42 for the first time and with just a few days of training directly to the top of the Intermediate class.

Congratulations again and we look forward to the next season…

German announcement:

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