Aerobatic aircraft made for champions

Polish Aerobatic Champion Artur Kielak

Transport pilot in a major global airline in everyday life, member of the Polish Aerobatic National Team, air show pilot, and first of all, Polish Aerobatic Champion – the 36-year-old Artur Kielak is no ordinary pilot at all. Classified as the best Polish aerobatic competitor, he lives also his passion as glider, helicopter pilot and parachutist. That’s why it’s obvious that a remarkable enthusiast of aviation and adrenaline like him needs an equal aircraft, if not even the best certified aerobatic plane in the world! XtremeAir is proud to be the one who can support this outstanding pilot with its state-of-the art aerobatic model XA41, which hopefully will achieve many successes with Artur Kielak. Artur has mainly become well known due to his daring and tough flying skills, which he can demonstrate best in the freestyle category.

After the cooperation with the young French aerobatic pilot Bastien Le Roux, XtremeAir and Artur Kielak are looking forward to collaborate with Hanhart, the premium watch company, seated in the Black Forest/ Germany, which stands for precision timekeeping since 1882. Hanhart holds on to the same virtues as XtremeAir and its pilots: precision, functionality and highest quality. Therefore Hanhart plays the perfect cooperation partner since their chronographs already proved themselves under toughest conditions and strains – shall it be in the air or on the ground.